Brand identity for GLENDALE MERLINS RUGBY one of the American Raptors family. Although the team was active in MLR, in 2020 the Glendale Raptors were branded as the Colorado Raptors. According to the manual of the visual identity the merlin within the logo represents:

…a bird of prey. While small in stature, the merlin is known for its ferocity. Unlike their larger counterparts, such as eagles, merlins don’t hunt for prey by waiting high above the earth and diving to the ground for their next meal. Instead, they keep watch from a perch or fly low to the ground. When they identify a target, they fly maneuvering their strong, streamlined bodies through the air like a jet fighter to catch their prey (bats and small birds) in the sky. Merlins are also display a strong sense of community, sometimes teaming up to hunt in groups, and generations have been known to reside in the same area for scores of decades.

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